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Code Of Ethics

teleASTRO builds Responsible Astrology into its products and processes.

We expect our astrologers to act in an astrological consultancy-responsible way. So, we are working with quality experts to identify non-responsible conversations, conduct audits focused on targeted astrological issues, and develop methods to lessen slip-up conversation with customers. We have aggressive goals to reduce dissatisfaction among customers during the entire consultancy-product/service-consumption process.

We go deep into our standard operating processes to enforce our highest level of customer satisfaction policies and correct problems at every level, at all times.

Our Astrologer Code of Conduct is already one of the toughest in the astrology industry, but we strive to make it even stronger. And we ensure compliance by conducting various types of audits every month. Our efforts span the entire range of delivery process – from the astrologer’s consultancy to the departments which deliver final product to our customers.

Every Astrologer that provides consultancy to our customers – including you – is accountable for upholding our code of conduct.

We welcome your thoughts on Astrologer Responsibility. Submit your feedback.

We believe in accountability – for our astrologers and for ourselves.

By vigorously enforcing our Astrological Code of Conduct, we ensure that our astrologers follow the same principles and values teleAstro holds true. We collaborate with experts in areas such as customer satisfaction and ensure responsible delivery of services. We conduct comprehensive, in-person audits to check our delivery process. When we uncover problems, we work with our astrologers and team to fix them.

We believe in Integrating responsible principles into Astrological Delivery Process.